Why USA Pool?

Why is Northern New England USA Pool the best league for you and your friends?

  • It is FREE to join the USAPL. No annual membership dues.

  • Teams and individuals are eligible to win trophies and other prizes including trips to the USAPL National Championships, held in Las Vegas alongside the BCAPL Nationals.

  • USAPL returns far more to players in prizes than any other national league; ask us about how many teams and players we send to Las Vegas!

  • The “fairplay” handicap system ensures that all players, from beginner to experienced will be able to have fun and compete each and every week.

    • The USAPL uses rules designed to help the player improve while having fun. BCA rules apply.

        • No slop shots

        • No getting stuck with a worse layout because the wrong ball fell on the break.

  • No need to break up teams because of an arbitrary handicap limit. Both USAPL players and teams are subject to handicaps, allowing all teams to compete fairly regardless of team makeup. Stay with your friends and make league night your night!

  • Players are able to go on-line 24/7 to view individual and team stats, standings, and schedules.

  • Your League operator and division rep will be on-call during league nights to answer questions and respond to concerns as they arise.

  • Tired of playing on Father's Day, Mother's day, Memorial Day and other holidays? The USAPL has more flexibility in scheduling, team structure, and events, and we schedule around most holidays.

  • 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, One-Pocket and Straight Pool formats are offered. Additionally, the USAPL has 3,4 and 5 person team formats. With only three or four player match formats, be home in time to take care of your “life” without sacrificing your night out with friends.