The rack

The 1-ball must be placed at the apex of the triangle and on the foot spot. The 9-ball must be placed in the center of the rack. All other balls are placed at random.

Break requirements

The shooter must place the cue ball behind the head string. The cue ball must contact the 1-ball first. After striking the 1-ball an object ball must be pocketed or at least four balls must strike a cushion. If the shooter fails to hit the 1-ball first or does not pocket a ball or does not cause at least 4-balls to strike a cushion, then the inning ends and the opponent comes to the table with a ball in hand.

Jumped balls

Balls that are caused to be jumped off the table are not returned to the table, except for the 9-ball. If the 9-ball is jumped off the table it is returned and spotted.

9-ball on the break

Legally pocketing the 9-ball on the break does not win the rack. The 9-ball is spotted. The shooter will continue his/her turn even if the 9-ball is the only ball pocketed. If the 9-ball is pocketed on the break and a foul is committed, then the 9-ball is spotted and the opponent comes to the table with a ball in hand.

Push out

If no foul occurs on the break then the player taking the first shot after the break has the option to "Push". On a push out:

    1. The shooter must first announce to the opponent that a push out is being shot and the opponent must acknowledge the announcement.

    2. The cue ball does not have to strike the lowest numbered object ball first or any object ball at all. The cue ball also is not required to hit a cushion or to cause any ball to strike a cushion.

    3. All other rules and fouls apply.

    4. After a push shot is taken, the opponent has the option of accepting the table position and shooting or requiring the original shooter to shoot again with the table in its current position.

Three foul rule

A rack may be won if the player's opponent commits three consecutive fouls and the opponent is advised, prior to making the third foul, that he/she has just committed two consecutive fouls. If the shooter commits three consecutive fouls, after receiving a warning prior to the third foul, then the rack ends and the game points are awarded to the opponent. Please remember that a scratch or a foul on the break counts as "one" foul for purposes of the three foul rule.