About me ...

I have been shooting pool since I was a kid. Grew up with a pool table in the basement and a love of the game. Moved pool to the background as more important things in life took over...I always missed it though. About 15 years ago a friend invited me to play on a team in a TAP league. I had never played in a sanctioned league before, but for me, playing pool was playing pool and it didn't take me long to pick it right back up again. After TAP I joined the APA, played on several different teams, went to some tournaments and basically had an awesome time playing the game again. In 2014 my league decided to switch to the USA Pool League. One thing led to another...and now I am the League Manager (in name only). I continue to play pool with some great people and enjoy the game as much now as I did when I was a kid. I strive to bring the same enjoyment I get from the game to as many people who would like to play - that's why and how I choose to run this league.

We play on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm at several local Concord area locations. If you're interested in joining the league or want to bring an entire team in (minimum 5 person roster) feel free to let me know.

Your league operator,

Bob Barton

11/18/2021 - Should have added this a while back....We also have a Women's Division that plays on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm.

More about me (09/17/19)...

Although no one may ever read this, it is important to have it memorialized. I took over this league with much trepidation. Was I right to do this? Would I be able to manage the weekly (league play), ~quarterly (session playoffs) and yearly (Nationals in Las Vegas) responsibilities. The fear of "letting down" even one player I accepted responsibility for was difficult to work through. We all know that you can't please all of the people all of the time but it has been my objective. I now know, after doing this for almost 4 years at this point, that my fears and worries were misguided - most definitely NOT because of any special skills or talents that I posess, but due to the people that are truly involved in the day to day playing and enjoying this league. Any words I use to describe them would not do them justice...they are fun, caring, understanding people - they are true friends. I proclaimed on the first day I took over the league that if they weren't happy and did not want me to continue, I would be good with that. I also told them that if I was no longer having fun, I would stop doing it of my own free will. I am glad to say that those words are now just memories. I couldn't imagine not doing this (or how I would fill all of the free time I would gain if I stopped). This year, 2019, the league gave me a gift of a decanter, a gift card and an incredible bottle of scotch, it was surprisingly difficult to accept it. I accepted the league knowing the business responsiblities I was accepting, but was blindsided by the emotional moment at our yearly banquet. To all who read this and those that don't, a sincere thank you, not for the gift of drink, but for the gift of enjoyment, happiness, life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Bob Barton