Division Playoffs

Vegas National Tournament Requirements

Division Playoffs

To qualify for end of the session playoffs, a player must meet the following criteria:

A player should have an established skill level

A player is considered to have an established skill level after having played six (6) times in the USA Pool League in the game being played in the playoffs. For instance, a player must have played at least 6 times in 8-ball if it is a 8-ball playoff. The purpose of this rule is simply to attempt to have players play with a skill level that at least approaches an accurate rating.

Minimum team play

A player must have played at least eight (8) times on a team in a single session to be allowed to play on that team during the playoff tournament. Because a player may "Sub" on more than one team during the session, this rule is meant to assure that a player is really "Part" of the playoff team.

Vegas National Tournament Requirements

"Go to Vegas" tournaments

A team may qualify to compete in the Northern New England USAPL "Go to Vegas" tournament in either the Summer, Fall or Spring Sessions. However, the qualifying team will Play in the "Go to Vegas" Tournament using its Spring Roster.

Spring Roster

There must be at least two "Original" members of the qualifying team on the spring roster to qualify to play in the Vegas tournament.

Vegas Winning Team

In the event a team wins a trip to Play in Las Vegas for the USAPL Nationals, It may supplement its roster (up to the predetermined team limit) by adding any player, from any team, in its respective division. However, a team may not intentionally exclude any member of its own spring roster team who is available and willing to attend the National Competition. Only in the event that a team member is unable or unwilling to attend, may the team supplement their roster from elsewhere in the division.

USAPL National Play Requirements

In order to compete in the USAPL National Vegas Competition, a player must have played either eight (8) matches, in the appropriate game format, in the same division and in the same session in the league year immediately preceding the National tournament. The National tournament is held in July and the league year runs from June 1st to May 31st of each year.