Team Payments

Pay online for free!

Paying your fees online does not cost you anything, and if you send your sheets as images to, you'll save the cost of a stamp and help us keep the league running smoothly by avoiding problems with slow mail delivery.

We use the Dwolla service to accept payments securely. Dwolla payments are made electronically from your bank account. Setting up a Dwolla account is free at the Dwolla web site. There are two methods available to connect your bank account: the fastest way works with most major banks, but requires that you enter your online banking login information; we recommend the second slightly slower method called Deposit Verification - you just enter the routing and account numbers from the bottom of your checks, and they validate your account by making two very small deposits into it.

Our Dwolla IDs are 812-739-8997 or (you can use either in the Dwolla mobile apps, or you can just use the web form above).