10-Ball rules are exactly the same as 9-ball except for the following:


The 10-ball rack appears in a triangle shape, using balls numbered 1-10. It is racked like an 8-ball rack without the last row of five balls. The One-ball is placed at the apex of the triangle on the foot spot. The 10-ball is placed in the middle and the 2-ball and the 3-ball are placed in the corners at the base of the triangle. The 2-ball and the 3-ball may be placed in either of the corners.

10-ball is a call pocket game

Please refer to the General Rule Summary at the beginning of this document for the definition of "Call Pocket". Any ball not legally pocketed is a "Dead Ball" and no point is awarded to the shooter.

Illegally pocketed ball

In the event that a ball is pocketed illegally then the shooter's opponent has the option of taking the shot or retuning it to the original shooter. In the event that a ball is pocketed illegally and there is also a foul committed by the shooter then the opponent must take the shot (with a ball in hand) and does not have the option of returning the shot to the original shooter.


If the shooter calls a safety and then pockets a ball, the Illegally pocketed ball rule above applies.