Patch Prizes

Patches are fun.

Getting one for the first time you do something cool is great, but once you've got one, what are you going to do with the next one?

At Northern New England USA Pool, we have a Patch/Prize Exchange system. Instead of getting yet another patch, after the first one of any patch, you have the option to exchange them for useful pool equipment. Save them (we do the bookkeeping for you) until you have enough to select an award from this exchange list:

Patches Award Prize
 1USAPL, USAPool League Member, or NNEUSAPool patch
3 Moose Bridge Head
5 Pool Glove
6 Tiger Shaft Smoother
8 Tip Maintenance Tool
10 Magic Rack Set
15 USAPL Polo Shirt
20 Jump Cue
25 Pool Cue
30 Break Jump Cue
35 Rhino Jump Cue
100 $50 Gift Certificate
250 Leather Pool Case
300 An even better Pool Cue!