Northern New England USA Pool

Summer comes to an least the Session anyway !

Congratulations to Rack N' Run for earning the first automatic entry into next year's        Go-To-Vegas Tournament!

Round 1 of the Playoffs is now complete!
Fresh Ones and Butchers & Bankers each won their 1st match. 
The final match-up for the Summer Session is on Tuesday 9/19
at the Hungry Buffalo in Loudon
Fresh Ones  vs.  Butchers & Bankers (@ Hungry Buffalo)


after your match, we will be expecting you for our 1st ever
Awards and Recognition Party !
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Pembroke Pines @ 7:00pm

We will be handing out awards earned from the last league year and recognizing some league members and teams for their accomplishments throughout the previous year. If you have not told me you are going already, please let me know soon so I can make sure you have some food and beverages available. Hope to see everyone there!

Our Fall Session starts on September 26, 2017. Still waiting for a few rosters! We need some new teams! If you find any ... send them my way!

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 Our "Official" website with our league's data 
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As always, I'm available for opinions, comments, questions, or harassment.

Thank You !  Bob Barton     or     (703) 822-7866

FYI - Under "Schedules and Standings" then under  "Player Resources" tab to the left, you will find all of MVP lists for this session.

NNEUSAPool is the regional branch of the national USA Pool League, the fastest growing amateur pool league in the area. Many existing leagues in Manchester, Concord, and around the region have moved to USAPL because it provides the best pool league experience for every player, regardless of skill level or experience. 

  • It is FREE to join the USAPL. No annual membership dues.
  • Teams and individuals are eligible to win prizes including free trips to the USAPL Nationals in Las Vegas.
  • USAPL returns far more to players in prizes than any other national league a full 50%!.
  • The USAPL handicap system ensures that every player, whether beginner or expert can have fun and compete each and every week.
  • USAPL rules minimize the influence of luck. (they are based on BCA rules). 
    • No slop shots
    • No getting stuck with a bad layout because the wrong ball fell on the break.
  • No need to break up teams because of an arbitrary handicap limit. Stay with your friends and make league night your night!
  • Players are able to go on-line 24/7 to view individual and team stats, standings, and schedules.
  • Your League operator is on-call on league nights to answer questions and respond to concerns.
  • 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, One-Pocket and Straight Pool formats are offered. 
  • We have 3,4 and 5 match team formats so you can be home in time to take care of your “life” without sacrificing your night out.

We are currently looking for new teams and venues, and are starting new divisions soon in several locations. Contact us to find out how we can improve your league experience.

Who is the USAPL anyway?

The USAPL is the sister league to the BCAPL - the nation's premier professional billiards league. The USAPL was formed to attract new players to the sport and to allow players of all skill levels to enjoy playing together. Using the USAPL Handicap System, all players can compete for prizes and the chance to play in the Nationals. It is the fastest growing amateur pool league in the country for very good reason. Compared to other pool leagues, it returns the most money to its members. Experienced players love our rules too - no slop shots!